HRM Blue Heart Rate Sensor

Why should you be tied to a device that only lets you use one app and charges you a subscription fee for the privilege?

With an open communication design, the HRM Blue provides unparalleled flexibility with the applications you use. Supported by dozens apps on three different Smartphone platforms and more than 200 ANT+ fitness devices including: Endomondo, Strava, SportsTracker, Runtastic Pro, and more!

Our HRM Blue product is an ultra-light Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual cardio sensor weighing only 14g in total.  It is not only dustproof, but waterproof up to a depth of 1.5 meter, so that it can also be used for water sports like rowing, kite-surfing or stand up paddling.

All sports applications that support heart rate measurement using the Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ standard should be compatible with our chest strap.

Please be aware that we are not responsible if applications from different vendors are not following the standards.

You can choose a wide variety of apps to meet your sports activities and your optical taste best. Currently, over 100 applications on three different smartphone platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry) are compatible.

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Smart Devices

The BlueFeza HRM Blue is compatible with the following operating systems and hardware devices:

Operating System iOS


  • iPhone starting with 4s
  • iPod touch from 5G
  • iPod Nano from 7G
  • iPad mini
  • iPad starting with iPad 3
  • iPad Pro

It is NOT compatible with older Apple devices e.g. iPhone4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G etc. because they don´t use the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

Operating System Android >= 3.4


  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy Note 2 und 3

(Not compatible with Galaxy S3 und Galaxy Xcover 3)


  • HTC One
  • HTC Mini
  • HTC One Max
  • HTC One M8
  • HTC Desire 300, 500, 601, X
  • Butterfly S


  • Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact
  • Xperia Z2
  • Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact


  • G Flex
  • G2
  • G3
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5


  • Moto G
  • Moto X


  • Ascend P7

It is NOT compatible with older Android devices e.g. Nexus 3, Samsung Galaxy 2, etc. because they don´t use the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

If your Android device is not listed here, please contact us before buying the product.


  • Blackberry Z10, Z30
  • Blackberry Q10

It is NOT compatible with older Blackberry devices e.g. Blackberry 9700, etc. because they don´t use the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.


Can be linked to more than 200 ANT+ fitness devices


Scope Of Delivery

Item-No: BLSFHR03

1 Transmitter incl. lithium battery (3V, CR2032)

1 Chest strap (consisting of electrodes and a elastic strap)

For the production of the chest strap we have used an elastic and anti-allergenic material. The synthetic electrodes on the back of the chest strap will detect your heart rate during the training period and it is recommended that they are slightly moistened before usage to ensure better performance.

Your transmitter is powered by a lithium battery (3V, CR 2032).

Functions and operation

The latest Bluetooth® smart (4.0)  and ANT+ dual technology is used for the transmission of the heart rate from the transmitter on the chest strap to your device. Bluetooth® smart ready certified devices, ANT+ certified devices and Bluetooth® smart and ANT+ certified Smartphone operating systems should be compatible.