Who we are

BlueFeza is a technical development agency developing and marketing sensors in the health, sports and fitness arena.

The product and performance portfolio comprises sensors and apps for the capture of movement, HRV pulse rate and other biometric data.  Currently this finds substance in the HRV pulse rate sensor HRM Blue, an ultra-light Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ cardio sensor weighing only 14 g in total. It is not only dustproof, but waterproof up to a depth of 1.5 m, so that it can also be used for water sports like rowing, kite-surfing or stand up paddling. The HRM Blue is available in combination with a heart rate belt or a sports bra.

Of all the fitness Apps using the open software standard Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ for communication with sensors, the Smartphone platforms, Apple iOS and  Android 4.3+ currently support the HRM Blue.

How we started

As a avid amateur athlete (running, walking, mountain biking, etc.) I searched for a product that had the ability to measure and improve my training in a user-friendly way. But the products that were available on the market didn’t satisfy my needs. As I am working in the IT-Industry and having a strong affinity to technology, I decided to develop own products influenced by my sporting experience.

Why can’t I buy more BlueFeza products?

As a start-up I need to consider very carefully in which new product development I can invest our money on one hand and on the other hand I test our products minimum 3-6 months on my own before I bring them on the market. Because of the second step it can happen that a product  is still in prototype stadium when I am not completely convinced.


We are pleased for the confidence shown to us by you. We hope you are happy with our HRM Blue and tell many of your friends about it. Only through your word-of-mouth advertisement we are able to develop new products and enhance our existing products.

Please send us your feedback or suggestions for improvement by using the „Feedback“ button on our homepage. We take client feedback very seriously and we are happy about creative suggestions.

With our new homepage we will also be able to communicate much better with you e.g. through using our social media channels to keep you up to date on our product development, enhancements or other news.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and your support. You are the motivation for us to build up a health focused company dedicated to user friendliness and usability.

Who am I

Felix Zalcmann
Love fantastic health and fitness products.

BlueFeza KG

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Felix Zalcmann

E-Mail: [email protected]